What is Snowboarding?

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Snowboarding was actually developed back in the 1960s and even though it was a crude sport at that time, it has definitely developed and grown in popularity all across the world to where there are roughly seven million snowboarders in the United States alone. International Snowboarding Federation (ISF) governs snowboarding and became most recognized when the sport was introduced in the Olympic Winter Games in Japan back in 1998.

Snowboarding is a cross between skateboarding and skiing - just like its name implies. The primary equipment is just the snowboard itself and snow. Different styles of snowboarding, and everyone likes to put their own tricks, twists and turns on it to show off their maneuverability skills. Whether it is just boarding down a set of descending slopes without wiping out or using rails and the half-pipe to do the tricks and stunts, snowboarding does require a great deal of skill. This is why it has become so popular in a short period of time and is considered to be an extreme sport.

You don't get to use poles like you do in skiing to help turn the corners or to stop or gain speed. It's just you, the board and the snow; knowing what you are doing is a definite must. Without proper skills and techniques, you could become hurt in an accident. Flying down that slope at the speeds that snowboards are capable of is very dangerous; therefore, this sport is considered extreme and also dangerous and it does require that you know the basics before you actually try the hard course and learn the hard way.

Many skiers and skateboarders have crossed the border from their original sport into the sport of snowboarding. Boarding is actually more challenging and demanding than either skiing or skateboarding and that's why it tends to draw participants from the other sports. Because all three of the sports are closely related, it is very easy for one to participate in more than one of the sports and this will help you to develop your skills faster. If you can master the trick on a skateboard and rail, then you will be able to master the snowboard and rail. But to be the best at whatever sport you choose, you will need to focus your attention on that sport alone. Dedication is needed; therefore, all your practice time and efforts should be directed to the sport of snowboarding alone.

Remember that boarding, like any other extreme sport, can be very dangerous if you don't acquire the necessary basic skills. Even though you might have the basics down, there's no guarantee that you will be safe. They don't call it an extreme sport for nothing. It's considered an extreme sport because it is dangerous and does require talent and skill. The stereotypical snowboarder may be a rebellious young man, but plenty of women are mastering this sport as well.

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What is Snowboarding?

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This article was published on 2010/03/29