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Almost all sports require weightlifting, because any athlete needs to develop strength and muscle resistance in order to be competitive. In the past, coaches used to believe that weightlifting sports training had no other achievements except for a bulky muscle mass. Well, things have changed a bit these days. Presently, the benefits of weightlifting for athletic performance are well known and weightlifting has become part of the training routine of football players, rugby players and power athletes alike. We should not discuss weightlifting sports applications only in relation with the use of heavy weights. Resistance training is about much more, and a refined approach makes a difference.

The development of muscle bulk is neither a primary concern nor a goal. Other elements deserve more attention in all weightlifting sports applications. Some athletes do depend on hypertrophy or bulky muscle mass, while others just need to increase strength and resistance. Football and rugby players are examples of athletes who use weightlifting sports applications to achieve muscle mass in order to be able to cope with very aggressive body contact. In other cases, very large muscles are a hindrance, and very big fibers do not necessarily stand out for strength as well. Bulk muscles do not reflect the force level.

Weightlifting sports sessions help athletes improve the level of maximum strength by being able to generate explosive forms of power and consistent endurance. By using endurance exercises, you will also increase the exercise economy, making workouts a lot more efficient. Explosive power will seldom be necessary for an athlete, because one does not need to generate maximum of effort too frequently. If the latent potential is not channeled towards a real sports purpose, it actually remains fruitless.

Distance running, rowing, swimming or cycling are just a few athletic instances that require weightlifting sports applications for endurance purposes. By using circuit training most athletes will also avoid the trap of plateaus and will have a good sports evolutions. In case of high performance exercises, the weightlifting workouts ought to stimulate the neuromuscular system. Periodization can contribute to the athletic success by the possibility to gradually increase the difficulty level so as to enhance the capacity of the muscle to generate strength.

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Weightlifting Sports

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This article was published on 2010/03/26