Seventh Guangdong International Sporting Goods Show

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1 September morning, by the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, the HKSAR Home Affairs Bureau, Macao Special Administrative Region of the Sports Development Board, the Guangdong Provincial Association of Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Hang and the Pearl River Delta co-hosted the Third International Sporting Goods Fair Seventh Guangdong International Sporting Goods Fair in Guangzhou Jin Han Exhibition Center opened the curtain. Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial People's Congress You Ningfeng, vice chairman of CPPCC Guangdong Province Xu Deli, former director of the State Sports General Administration, General Counsel of the National body of the Chinese Olympic Committee Honorary President Yuan Weimin, Tong Yang, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary-General, Guangdong Provincial Vice- General rohault, Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, deputy director of the right thin leaf, Tianxin De deputy director, Chen Runsen Deputy Director, Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau Assistant Director of Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Miss Chen Ruoai, Macau Sport Development Board Director Mr. Pan Yongquan, Guangzhou institute , Sun Yat-sen, the provincial business groups, the provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Provincial State Taxation Bureau and other relevant leaders, guests and dozens of media outlets attended the opening ceremony. Olympic champion Sun Shuwei, 10 Games Champion Panzhao Wei, Wu Shuai, Zhang Yu Fei, Lu Yufu, Cui Wenjuan and current body image Fair Guangdong Tigers basketball team spokesman for the number of members also went to the scene to help celebrate the opening ceremony, the audience and guests networking signature.

  In the sports industry as one of the fastest growing industries today, the world sporting goods market, 65% of the product is "Made in China", and Guangdong province is not only a sports resources, but also gave birth to a large sports consumer market. Huge market potential for the development of Guangdong Sports Expo industry has laid a solid foundation. After six years of development and growth, body Expo is now in our province, a brand of Sporting Goods Industry. Currently, the State Sports General Administration, Guangdong Provincial People's Government of Guangdong Sports Bureau and interest, attention and national sporting goods industry, the media's strong support of the Fair this year than the previous body of new development. Whether body size expo, level, or exhibitors and visitors are gradually improving the quality, become the second third of the sports in Asia Expo for exhibitors to enter the sports industry in Guangdong has provided a rare opportunity for market .

This three-day extension of the Guangdong International Sporting Goods Show (September 1? September 3), the exhibition area of 10,000 square meters, more than 200 exhibitors. Exhibits include fitness equipment, sports equipment, sports apparel, sports shoes, outdoor sports and recreation supplies several major categories. It is particularly worth mentioning is that with further development of the National Fitness Campaign, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games approaching, the current body of Expo, the country many sports participation was unprecedented brands such as: Conway, Pisces, British Pais, good family, O Reiter, Kim Duke, lightning, master, Yu Sheng, Man slaves, etc., have spotted the opportunity, hoping the Games wind and body expo as a platform to foster a product at a higher level brand awareness and promote corporate culture. In line with the body Expo, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region of the departments concerned have also set up a booth in the exhibition, with a platform body to promote Fair Pan sports cooperation and promote inter-regional coordination and development of sports.

Correspond with exhibitors, this year's Canton Fair specialized body opened up a business procurement area, focus on developing end-buyers. In China, only has like Grandview Mall in Guangzhou, new shopping centers Daxin, Zhejiang Yiwu International Trade City, the Department of Zhanjiang stationery business and medium-sized department stores and other retail and wholesale enterprises nationwide, there are a number of institutions, groups, users and other professional visitors and buyers ; in the transnational chain mall, there were Jusco, Pokka, Lotus, Michael Tak Lung, China Resources Vanguard, Carrefour Global Sourcing Office and other organizations; this body Expo has been the United States, Australia, Germany , South Korea, Russia, Denmark and other well-known international retail groups such as the enthusiastic response, will be invited to observe the purchase. Guangdong Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch, as the General Assembly designated communication service providers to provide protection for the exhibition site communication.

One of the highlights of this year's show, the Provincial Sports Bureau and Zhongshan University jointly organized the "2006 China (Guangdong) International Sports Industry Forum." Forum "development, marketing, service, communication," as the theme. Forum close to the market, and the subject fresh. Invited the Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Province Mr. Tian Xinde sports, Nike Chief Representative Mr. Wang Xiaoping and Beijing (United Kingdom) Intellectual Property Management Ltd. CEO FIONAGREEN President, Australian sports industry experts JeremyEvans Senior President, on behalf of UK Trade and Investment DanielMorris President, Beijing Sport University Sports Industry Development Research Center Mr. Lin Xianpeng, Zhongshan University, China's third Director of the Centre Mr. Li Jiangfan industry, South China University of vice president of Mr. Sun Yimin Architectural Research, Sun Yat-sen Institute of Education Mr. Zhang Baohua and other famous experts, scholars and business people attended the Forum is to exchange information, experience, study the problem, Guangdong sporting goods industry in the future further development of the ideas and suggestions.

Body during the fair, in order to enrich the content of the show, fully embodies the characteristics of sport exhibition, the organizing committee organized various competitions and performances. Guangzhou spent swimming team, including the wonderful dance, chess grandmaster Lu Qin, Xu Yinchuan, Go Kau Liao Guiyong ring should be the public event, 2006CEG (electronic games) Competition theme activities. In addition, sports equipment items at the current display area, the number of exhibitors and visitors with interactive activities, equipment trials, to fully take advantage of this rare opportunity to focus on display products, for the show added style. Comment Large   In   Small

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Seventh Guangdong International Sporting Goods Show

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This article was published on 2010/10/19