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Everyone has a certain criteria that they feel must be met when they decide to participate in a sport. For some people, it is the thrill of competition and sense of team work that makes the experience one that is worth pursuing.

Others are more solitary, preferring to engage in physically challenging sports that pit them against the forces of nature, usually by themselves or with a small group of friends. This set of athletes prefers the experience and the challenge that is thrown against them, relying on their own abilities to get them through to the end.

For this demographic, an activity that does not necessarily fall in the range of traditional sports options is one that may be more desirable. For people of this mindset, rafting is a viable option that fills their need for a fun activity with a challenging physical process.

Rafting is a sport that requires participants to use oars to propel and guide themselves along a stretch of river, sometimes needed to use their oars to deflect rocks in the process. The concept is a fairly simple one, but this simple concept has a fairly complex system of guidelines and procession, and has spawned several variations that require different things from the athletes based on a series of conditions.

Generally speaking, the participants load themselves and assorted gear onto an inflatable raft at a slow paced area of the river, then paddle out into the current and ride it downstream until they reach their destination. Based on the difficulty of the course, participants may elect to bring along a river guide to safely usher them through the course while avoiding the dangerous areas.

As stated, there are a range of variations to the sport. Usually, rafting in the general sense simply involves going down the river, but if the participants are white water rafting then they go down a series of rapids at high speed, requiring the athletes to deflect incoming boulders with their oars.

The range of rafting options and the difficulty associated with them is usually linked directly to the type of river that it is. Essentially, what the sport is and how it is played out is dictated by the environment in this case, not the other way around.

Safety precautions are important to take based on how difficult the course may be. If the course is a mild one down a fairly straight water source, participants may only feel the need for life jackets as a precautionary measure.

As the difficulty escalates, so does the need for more protective gear. Given the range of difficulty that may be present during the proceeding participants may elect to don a helmet, knee pads and arm pads, life jacket, and protective gloves.

The sport in not without risk, as is appropriate for its challenging and exhilarating setting. As such, electing to have a guide present during the activity, as well as donning protective gear is highly recommended.

Since it is such a physical sport, there are many physical benefits associated with participating in rafting. Paddling and deflecting the equipment away from rocks and other obstacles requires explosive bursts of power, which builds strength with every repetition.

The constant repetition also builds stamina, since it is the equivalent of the plodding endurance associated with a marathon rather than a simple sprint. With subsequent sessions, the body will attempt to adapt in real time to the stressful stimuli that it is being subjected to.

This adaptation is the result of a biological imperative to make the body efficient for the stresses that it is going to be subjected to. Therefore, participation in the activity is a good way to build endurance and explosive strength, which will be mixed together over the course of the run.

Rafting is a rewarding experience. There is a sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes from conquering the difficulties imposed by nature.

Rafting is a great option to take up as a sport, because of the excellent workout that it provides, as well as the scenic setting and sense of fun that accompanies participating in the activity. People that enjoy being outside and challenging themselves by being pitted against the forces of nature will find it to be an enjoyable good time.
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Rafting For Fun And Fitness

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This article was published on 2010/12/28