Plastic Sports Marketing Corporate Image: The Game Behind The Game

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2005 summer, Amway Nutrilite health products again in the TV ad launched a new product spokesperson?? Chinese player Yi Jianlian main men's basketball team. Ad, Yi Jianlian in the hands of basketball has become a green, healthy, and Nutrilite symbol, "health achievements of the future" slogan is resounding, sonorous, powerful.

Before the Yi have been Fu Mingxia, Tian Liang, Olympic champion Wang Junxia and so served as spokesman for Amway's product image, Amway also is relying on these sports stars, to establish the company's corporate image in China and brand image. As an example, Amway has proved that the company's marketing strategy, sports marketing has become a time-tested means business.

Shaping corporate image with sports marketing

1998 injunction in state of the pyramid, Amway is facing great challenges. Nutrilite health products from this moment to stir up the important task of enhancing the image of Amway brand. Nutrilite products from the Chinese market debut in the day, it combines with the sport this new industry came together. It goes without saying that the link between the two is conveyed to consumers, "health" is metaphorical, but Amway is admitted as the popularity of sports in this sunrise industry, widespread enthusiasm for the company a chain reaction.

2001 11 months Nutrilite become an Olympic sponsor. This is Amway open market with sports stepping stone, then also became a sports marketing company in the Chinese market, the main marketing strategy. In that year, people in television and newspaper advertisements for the first time to see the Amway Nutrilite. Olympic diving champion Fu Mingxia became Nutrilite's first spokesperson. After Tian Liang has served as the image of Nutrilite Products spokesman.

Starred in ads by the sports star is not the only brand of Amway promotional tools. June 2002, Amway began to promote "Nutrilite Health Running" campaign, and invited leading the Olympic marathon champion Wang Junxia, this activity extended to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang and Hangzhou, nearly 20 people participated. After several years has continued without interruption. Amway China Co., Ltd. Marketing Director with Jiang Jian children as saying: "Health is running a carnival in fact, more emphasis is participation rather than watch, this interaction can better interpret the meaning of health."

Company for Amway, Nutrilite products based on the concept of integrated marketing and more sports to promote product sales, reflect the brand value, that is health and vitality. Early in September this year, Amway and the United States Basketball Association (NBA) held in China together the first "Youth NBA" events to reach agreement, held in 15 cities in the country for three months of basketball. Meanwhile, Amway Nutrilite to NBA official market in China as partners in these cities also held marketing, launched the "Amway Nutrilite Family Basketball Skills Challenge" and "Amway Nutrilite series of nutrition lectures." The Yi recently as the voice of Amway products, the company can be considered by the "Basketball" Force of going for the natural influence of Amway products can be further expanded.

Sports marketing is a kind of fashion

Recently, long-haired beauty has always been the advertising image of Rejoice shampoo also focus more to the sports celebrities. Known as "the beauty after the frog," said the swimming champion Luo debut in television advertising. The ad broke a lot of Rejoice shampoo "old rule." Rejoice shampoo rarely used celebrities to advertise, let alone a star athlete is performing almost did not ask too. This time, Rejoice not only grasped the need for a long soak in the pool maintenance hair and the selling point, more importantly, to seize the Luo's "confident" and "aggressive."

This is the sports star power, they differ from the actress, they can only rely on strength and well-known, rather than artificial fake; their success can often move the widest range of audiences; them focus on the most obvious health Young, tenacity, perseverance, courage, courage and confidence features, which are often the easiest point of convincing advertising demand.

The most popular argument is that using sports celebrities to advertise, it is easy to fit the need to promote business values. Liu Xiang alone, the words "My Heart is Flying", then in an instant for the Baisha Group, whose solid shape out of momentum.

No wonder most of the sports stars of the revenue comes from advertising. David Beckham kicks the ball a year more than 600 million euros of revenue, but he's advertising revenue is nearly three times the annual salary! It should be noted that the celebrity ad is not a sports marketing is all about. Especially in Beijing after a successful bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games, many businesses take this occasion to see the great opportunity to promote business development, sports marketing, as operators often take into consideration.

The current IT industry for example, it was said that the industry "price of brand gradually lost its appeal, the concept of playing cards fragmented," marriage has become an inevitable way of sports. In recent years, various sports events continuously, and many international sports competitions have gradually entered China. As the sport has the most loyal viewers and supporters, and because sports games are often spread with the combination of a wide range of media, from computer equipment, software equipment to the network media, the IT industry needs to have support. Try to put the industry's big names, therefore, just to win this game behind the game.

Sinopec, Haier, Lenovo ... ... these Chinese enterprises in the "we" and now have played the banner of sports marketing. Sinopec to spend 800 million yuan in exchange for 2004 to 2006 F-1 races of the naming rights in China; Lenovo became a global partner of the IOC; Haier official Melbourne Tigers basketball team title, becoming the first foreign sports title the club's domestic business ... ... This can also be Chinese companies with international standards of behavior.

"Bait" Chi Liu Xiangfei

in Athens before the Olympic Games, Nike, through an international network of companies, predicted that Asia, Liu Xiang, track and field may become a historic figure, so decided to put Liu's advertising during the Olympics. This is a bet on it? Not the case. Nike products for advertising agency, prepared before the gold medal in the version, silver, bronze version and unlicensed version of three print ads. Liu Xiang no matter what success, advertising purposes are to highlight his strong desire to win and personality, this is Nike really needs.

Now doing ads for Nike Liu continued. TV lens

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Plastic Sports Marketing Corporate Image: The Game Behind The Game

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